Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Making model shelters

We are currently finishing our learning on Danny Dunn. most of the kids are on the home straight with their desert island journals. Some of them took some time out today to make some model shelters similar to what you could make on a desert island. even the models were hard to do. I think they are better at make full size cubbys.( refer to a previous post)
below are some photos of them at work in the sandpit.

We have also been making plastic models of planes ( I couldn't' find models of cessnas  so I bought some models of airliners and cargo planes instead. Their models are ....interesting.)

We have nearly finished The Trumpet and the Swan ( I am preparing some learning tasks to do on this book when we finish)  Below is a photo of the grade 4 student's Charlottes Web dioramas on display.

Our PE students from Federation Uni finished today and we'll be sorry to see them go. The kids really loved their visits every Wednesday.
To finish off today the children were put into groups and asked to use co-operative means to solve a range of physical and mental puzzles. we had a lovely sunny winter day today so they were able to do it all outside. Below are some photos of the kids in action.

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