Friday, 6 June 2014

Twenty Two Thousand Visits

Today my grade 1 and 2 students created a stone soup model in a bowl. ( pictures below) There mini gardens created after we read The Little Red Hen are doing well. in fact they could do with a 'hair cut')

The preps were busy today making a Very Hungry Caterpillar with our student teacher Celeste.
They also took home their orange octopuses.

The preps are studying letter 'c' this week and we made 'cupboards' full of 'clothes'. See photos below.
A3 brown cardboard was folded into 3 and split pins were inserted as handles. Silver ribbon was glued inside as a 'metal rod'. The outside of the cupboard was decorated to look like it is made of wood. We colored pictures of clothes ( or you can find clothes in catalogues) and glued them in.

The grade 6 kids worked on their journals for Danny Dunn on a Desert Island. They should all be finished next week ( We have Monday off for the Queens Birthday) I will add that unit onto TPT tomorrow.
The grade fours are finishing off work on Charlottes Web and I'm still reading The Trumpet and the Swan. Today they compiled facts that we will use to make an information report ( refer yesterday's post  ) One of my grade 4 boys laminated the illustrated name tags that came with our plants and bulbs and he used the glue gun to clue on skewers and popped them into the garden beds.
Yeah 22 000 views!

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