Thursday, 26 June 2014

Visit to Kirks

 We went to Kirks Reservoir for a BBQ lunch and a wander around. The kids seemed to like getting out and about- we'll have to do it more often. Celeste my student teacher was great, she cooked the sausages while I did my teacher bit and took them for a walk to the reservoir and had a chat about how it was built. After 2 .....and for some 4 sausages! We went for a stroll around the lovely gardens and Celeste took them for games before we went back for school.

The grade 6 kids finished off their towers and they look great. They also created story maps for Robin Hood and information reports about the Plantagenet kings. 

Tomorrow is the last day of term. We'll watch the recent version of Charlotte's Web now that we've finished our EB White unit, Celeste is planning to do some cooking ( muffins) and we'll finish our Three Billy Goats Gruff dioramas. There will be reports to hand out, Celeste to farewell and her assessment to email off to Uni. We finish up at 2:30 and I have school council for half an hour and then I can start my winter break. (I think I'll need about 5 days up at work these holidays plus whatever Steve needs me to do ( updating our school's computer network) and some relaxing with a book time.

Go to this site to read an interesting article about the effectiveness of professional school counsellors. 

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