Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Stone Soup

There was a lovely dawn this morning up Longs Hill Road. No mouse in the traps ( There must have been only one rogue rodent warrior which I caught last week) and a few hours to get organised for the day. Including trying to follow a Japanese language YouTube video on how to make origami swans.

Today the grade 1 and 2s finished their Stone Soup models.
My grade 4 girl who is reading Treasure Trackers books just finished her treasure chest and she did a great job. the grade 4s have been using the information report scaffold I heard about at the PD I attended last week to make reports about spiders and they did a great job. We'll do another one on swans later in the week.

My tech, Steve came in today and we moved the pinboard in the office around so that we have room for the bigger- not better, router box to go in over the holidays.

 Tomorrow we're off to see Wicked in Melbourne.

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