Friday, 8 August 2014

Government funding cuts to CSIRO education

Below is a pop up graph of the classes most popular characters from Harry Potter. They also made flying keys, paintings of boa constrictors and Latin language converters.
The grade 1 and 2s have finished the folk tales unit ( see the Dick Whittington houses below) which I'll post on TPT on the weekend. 

They've gone mad with their excavating in the sandpit ( see above) I don't mind so long as the sand stays in the sandpit. ( PS- That was a lily that popped up yesterday not a daffy. there are a few more too)
I tried to book the CSIRO to do a science incursion this term. Sadly they no longer run the program. ( A great example of short sighted federal government budget cuts and how they are effecting kids) They suggested an alternative science incursion program that Monash Uni run. That's what happen when you have a government that doesn't value science.
Yeah!!  25 000 blog views!!!!

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