Friday, 15 August 2014

Preparing for next week

Popped up to school to get things organised for next week. I won't be there on Monday I am going north tomorrow to attend my aunt's funeral in Wodonga. Black Hill Primary School has kindly released my wife to fill in for me ( I couldn't find a CRT* to replace me which is a problem in small rural schools. I've never felt comfortable leaving a relief teacher alone in my school if they've never been there before. it is too much responsibility.)
I should finish reading The Chamber of Secrets by the end of the week and we'll have a couple of weeks worth of learning to complete based on the 2 first Harry Potter books. 
Below is a photo of our new Victorian flag which looks good.

I don't publish personal photos on this blog but I couldn't resist publishing a photo of me dressed as a clown last night. I was a model for my daughters year 11 photography project. Need less to say I am anticipating a pretty impressive Fathers Day present this year!

* Casual Relief Teacher or relief teacher.

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