Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Sorting Hats

Grade 6 and 4 have finished their sorting hats today. they also created shields for new Hogwarts houses.
Hypogryphs, owls and dragons featured in the new house shields.
We finished The Chamber of Secrets today and I said I'd read the first few chapters of the next book.
Tomorrow we'll design an advertisement for a new 'Defence Against the Dark Arts' teacher at Hogwarts ( they don't have much luck filling that job) and we'll make chatter boxes.

We're doing the letter 'j' this week with the preps so we made raspberry jelly which one of the kids is tucking into below. I took photos and made a little reader for them about it. also below we made kangaroos for the letter 'k'. they look a bit mangy but they were happy with them.

I have a bit of Harry Potter craft organised for the next few days. The spider from Chamber of Secrets  (Aragog) worked well but the tree didn't quite work. The bag wasn't long enough. it isn't easy finding paper bags with flat bottoms. but we'll give it a try. It might look better with a little blue Ford Anglia stuck in its branches. ( It's supposed to be a whomping willow)

Note the instruction sheet from Pinterest. It always looks better on Pinterest!

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