Friday, 22 August 2014

More red-tape.

Another busy Saturday morning getting organised for the next week and also organising our camp for this year. I'm going out to Kyneton on Monday after school to check out the Campaspe School Camp which offers adventure type activities for children from grade 1 upwards. ( Preps will miss out on camp this year. maybe I can organise something special for them next term?)

While I was working away at DEECD red-tape It is worth reflecting on promises made by the current government that they'd cut red-tape by 50% at the last election. 
In fact our workload as principals has increased. A further 30 school management powers have been handed over to principals.( This is compounded by the fact that we are receiving less support at a regional level after they merged 9 regions into 4 and slashed public sector jobs by 25%.)

 In fact in a recent AEU survey 90% of principals said support from regions had deteriorated! I've seen that first hand. Currently we have a major shortfall in support staff due to funding cuts and downsizing! the Victorian government spends $1881 less per student each year than the Australian national average- a gap that has increased by $400 over the last year and is the widest it has ever been! Having said that it is important to note the support I've received from visiting teachers Leanne and Jo

One of the preps made an excellent cube on Friday.

Interesting story on ABC online about modern parenting in Australian by Michael Carr-Gregg. He says Australian parents suffer from a number of problems-
"The first [problem] is that there are too many parents being doormats for their kids. They have got what I call a vitamin N deficiency, which is a failure to say no.
He also goes on to say- 'The short-term consequences ( of poor parenting ) you can see in restaurants, waiting rooms and airports, these kids who are just completely feral, running out of control.'
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