Friday, 30 September 2016

All systems go for our review

The reviewer has confirmed for next Thursday. I have organised for two colleagues ( my lunch buddies) Karolina and Peter to be our 'critical friends'. The reviewer and I think SEIL will be there in the morning and I'll try to rope in one of the parents ( I don't want my School Council President to take time off work but one of the dads is self-employed and might be able to give us an hour) I know how these days work for big schools but have no idea ( and haven't been told) how it unfolds for small schools. 

Anyway I went up today for a few hours and sent off some emails and checked my organisation but I've been organised since last school holidays. This holiday I finished a draft strategic plan ( Mmmmm holidays...what are they good for?....absolutely nothing....) so we have something to work with. I haven't heard any feedback on my self-evaluation and should have by now, ( it was sent to the reviewer at least 2 months ago) so I have to assume it's ok, our student achievement and opinion data is very good and we achieved all the aims from our last strategic plan which was basically embedding our iPads into daily use. Hard to see how 2 days are required for this.
Our tulips are looking good. The yellow ones should be out by the end of the week.

I know you can't see it but there's a sneaky red bird in the grass eating bugs.

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