Friday, 16 September 2016


Huge holidays ahead with heaps to do:
Child Safe plan/policy Etc- 1 day
Update Emergency Management Plan - Half a day
Start draft for new Strategic Plan- 1 day
OHS Update and policy review - 1 day
Bark chips and sand for the sand pit- 1 day possibly 2 including weeding the vegetable garden, pruning and general tidy up outside ( Hope we have some good weather) 
Update office computers - 1 day ( 28th September)
Delivering 200+ school brochures - half a day
Update the Insight Assessment platform for student testing next term- 1 day
Developing units of work for next term and spring clean inside the school and complete Premiers Reading Challenge data input- 2 days.
at least 9 -10 days of the holidays working....yeah teachers and all those holidays!!!!
Oh and half a day this morning cleaning the toilets and tidying up after a busy week.

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