Friday, 2 September 2016

Two new units posted

Well it's been a very frustrating week.
On Tuesday I realised that the Heidi unit I'd been working on for 2 weeks had 'disappeared' from my PC and my hard drive. Likewise my new improved Kidnapped unit had also disappeared. I spent my free time looking everywhere for them (on several PCs, my hard drive, the office computer, my lap top and even the kid's memory sticks just in case they were saved in the wrong place.)
Sadly I have no idea what happened to them. Today I'm posting a draft of the Heidi unit which I could find on the desktop and part of the Kidnapped unit which I put together up at school today after cleaning, finishing the census and downloading the Child Safe email we got on Thursday (There's a big job to do on the holidays! Don't get me started on the new strategic plan Grrrrrrr!)
Anyway. They have been posted on TPT and are available at a discount price.($3.00 instead of $5.00)

Kidnapped (Chapters 1-4)


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