Monday, 26 September 2016

Some private schools get too much state funding.....said Birmingham....I must have heard wrong!

Q and A was weird last night. It needed Jane Caro there to argue for state school education. BIrmingham just bulldozed on with his ludicrous denounciations of Gonski , Vanstone ( Like Howard, she will seemingly never go away) trotted out her 'funding private schools saves us money' line which she has used before and which is rubbish and which she didn't get taken to task on... again!
The only weird thing is , after listening to a lot of waffle from Birmingham he sort of, kind of said that some private schools get too much money from the state....I think he said that. BUT I'm sure in the cold light of day he will back track on that or pretend he didn't say it....of course he says some private schools overfunded - but still wants 62% of extra federal funds to go to them post-2017! 
I think Albo summed up the government's approach to public funding of services....

If you don't believe me, here is an extract from today's Guardian.

Some wealthy schools are getting more than their fair share of funding and could lose money under a reimagined Gonski funding model, the education minister, Simon Birmingham, has said.

On the ABC’s Q&A program on Monday night, Birmingham said the promise that no school would be worse off did not apply under the Turnbull government because some schools were significantly overfunded.

He told host Tony Jones it was “possible” those schools, which he declined to list, could lose money under the new arrangements, which are due to be finalised by March. 

He said some overfunded schools would take “more than 100 years to come into alignment with the current funding model” and that some of those were “wealthier private schools”.

Looking forward to the first Presidential debate today and wondering if there will be any questions about education?
Child Safety stat dec emailed off and the classroom all ready for next week.
Just a few hours tomorrow and then I can start my holiday!

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