Friday, 30 September 2016

Grammar (selective) schools in the UK.

Labour in the UK have criticised reported plans by the new prime minister ( Theresa May) to launch a new generation of grammar schools, saying they belong “in the dustbin of history”.

Theresa May, who attended a grammar school, could announce a new wave of selective schools as early as the Conservative party conference next month.

Allowing new grammar schools would be about “social mobility and making sure that people have the opportunity to capitalise on all of their talents”, the paper quoted an unnamed government source as saying.

The proposal is something of a reversal of previous Conservative policy: David Cameron resisted backbench pressure to reintroduce grammar schools throughout his time as Conservative leader.

The creation of new grammar schools which are schools that select pupils based on their performance at exams when they are 11, was banned by Tony Blair in 1998, although he allowed some to continue and apparently regretted his decision. (I'm sure Blair has lots of regrets!)

Labour is rallying against them and it will be interesting to see how this issue unfolds. I'm sure Birmingham and others in the Turnbull government will be watching closely.

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