Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Another pig in the trough attacking teachers

A federal politician has incited a backlash on social media after questioning whether teachers were at work this week.

Federal member for Bowman Andrew Laming, who represents an electorate on Brisbane's bayside, questioned whether teachers had returned to work yet.
He wrote: "Are teachers back at work this week, or are they 'lesson planning' from home? Let me know exactly."

The comment received a backlash online, with hundreds of comments and 120 shares.
Facebook user Malcolm Grant shot back: "Is parliament in session or are you 'working in the electorate'?"

Another user, Kj Wilo, said he was astounded by the amount of unpaid overtime teachers performed.

"Not to mention the resources they have to buy if they want to do a half decent job and actually make school interesting for the kids," he wrote.

Kylee Chook said: "Why is 'lesson planning' written [in] inverted commas? Are you insinuating it doesn't exist? Do you know how many hours of our own time goes into planning and preparation for things that generally have to be done but also for the things that are done out of our own sense of professionalism or love for our students...?"

Queensland Education Minister Kate Jones said she was sick of teachers being used as punching bags, labelling the comments as a "cheap shot".
"Clearly Andrew Laming hasn't spent any time in a classroom lately," Ms Jones said.

"I visit schools all the time and see firsthand how hard our teachers work.

"I wish all teachers the best as they work hard and prepare for the start of the school year."

The post has since been deleted, with Mr Laming posting a story about self-care and avoiding teacher burnout.

So the post was deleted! There's a surprise!
Obviously this clown hasn't been reading the papers over the last few weeks, otherwise he'd have read all the stories about his LNP colleague stealing from the public purse to buy investment properties, attend polo games and glitzy soirées! He has the mendacity to rake up the old teachers have too many holidays shit again! Anyone who reads my blog knows how much of my time I spend at work or doing school work. It takes more hours than I'm paid for to run Glen Park! This week I've spent 5 hours a day up there and one more tomorrow just updating paper work in the office for 2017! People like the gutless Mr Laming and his ilk can get rooted! (That's a colourful Australian term)

And then there are these two arseholes......

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