Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The ideal school lunch?

Having been a teacher for 3 thousand years I've seen my fair share of weird and wonderful school lunches.... jelly crystals sandwiches, large bags of 'burger rings' washed down with big bottles of coke....etc! Kids are funny creatures and most seem to be 'allergic' to healthy lunch food. The ongoing fad of hydration at all costs is a good one providing it's just water. Keeping quality lunches fresh is always an issue. 
At Glen Park we have the advantage of children having access to our kitchen so they can use the microwave and keep food fresh and tasty in the fridge. The children can also keep their water bottles on their desk and keep healthy ( fruit, nuts) food on their desks to munch on.

A child nutrition expert has revealed the formula for the ‘perfect’ back-to-school sandwich.
Paediatric nutritionist Mandy Sacher said parents can make a variety of healthy sandwiches for their children’s school lunches by sticking to the formula that aims to ensure kids receive the ideal ratio of nutrients from their sandwich.
She said the meal should include two slices of wholegrain or sourdough bread, one type of protein, one healthy fat and two to three vegetables.
According to Ms Sacher, most sandwiches for children lack the right amount of protein – which can have a detrimental effect on their concentration and energy levels.

Lunchboxes can also be high in sugary food, which has a negative impact on weight and health.
She said her ratio contains the right combination of slow-release wholegrain to stabilise blood sugar levels as well as healthy fats to increase satiety and boost concentration levels.
Including several vegetables, which are high in fibre, as well as vitamins and minerals, will help kids to maintain a healthy immune system.

And the beauty of the formula is that it can be used to create a number of combinations to satisfy the tastebuds of even the pickiest of eaters – and can easily be adapted to take dietary requirements and allergies into consideration.
Ms Sacher worked with ALDI Australia to come up with the formula – and applied it to create several versions of the ‘perfect’ sandwich – in a bid to help parents come up with school lunch options that are healthy and affordable.

Paediatric nutritionist Mandy Sacher said parents can make a variety of healthy sandwiches for their children’s school lunches by sticking to the formula
They include a new take on the traditional chicken sandwich, which contains two slices of wholegrain or sourdough bread, chicken cooked to preference, unsalted butter or avocado and lettuce, tomato and cucumber.

‘Children at school ages are in a key developing stage of their life, so it’s vital that we provide them with all the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy,’ the mother-of-two said.
‘This includes proteins, healthy fats, vegetables and grains, which should be part of children’s daily diet.
‘Our sandwich formula reveals the food groups and quantities that should be included in a sandwich for children, rather than specific ingredients, allowing parents to tailor it according to every child’s tastes, dietary needs, and make healthy sandwiches.’
She added that the misconception that food that is healthy must also be expensive is what led her to partner with the supermarket.  

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