Monday, 16 January 2017

Education costs

It will cost $35000 a year to send a child to an 'elite' NSW private school this year ( SMH ) despite an unprecedented  financial investment in these schools by the federal government. Jane Caro says people will continue paying that if they think their children are getting some sort of an advantage. This story ( below) appeared in today's Age. It should be noted that ALL students attending Glen Park Primary School pay NOTHING! For their education. I've seen to that!
Also note. These are just fees below, not all the added extras which amount to thousands more per year!

By the time a baby born in 2017 graduates from a government school in Victoria, their parents would have spent $77,000 on their education, new figures show.

The Australian Scholarships Group's report, released on Tuesday, predicts that Victoria's public education system will be more expensive than any other state by 2034, costing parents a total of $77,371.

The Planning for Education Index, which includes the cost of uniforms, excursions and transport in addition to school fees, also predicts that public education in regional Victoria will be the highest in the country, costing $53,245.

Parents sending their kids to an independent school will pay $536,515, rising to $1.07 million for two children, according to the modelling based on 12,500 survey responses.

Parents preferring religious schools may have to pay up to $224,548, close to a 4.5 per cent rise on last year.

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