Saturday, 28 January 2017

NSW lurches to the right on education

The LNP Government in NSW has decimated the TAFE sector and therefore deserves the ire of those who believe in free, secular and accessible education but I will give credit where it is due. They have fought hard....very hard on Gonski and the removal of their outspoken education minister by their new premier heralds a hard lurch to the right on education in that state more in line with the Federal government Luddite approach to state education. Bad news for NSW and for Gonski reform.... for the next few years anyway.
The story below is an extract from today's Guardian

The New South Wales education minister, Adrian Piccoli, is set to be axed by New South Wales premier, Gladys Berejiklian, in a cabinet reshuffle this morning.

The long-serving roads minister, Duncan Gay, is also set to lose his job in the new-look cabinet.
NSW health minister Jillian Skinner announces retirement from politics

The loss of Piccoli is likely to anger the education sector. Piccoli was widely respected as a talented and knowledgable education minister, one who strongly supported needs-based funding and engaged closely with stakeholders.

He became known as a stronger backer of Gonski, a policy also championed by his new boss, Berejiklian.

Piccoli’s axing prompted an outpouring of support from the sector on Sunday.

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