Thursday, 22 August 2013

A busy day building up to Book Week

Today we started reading Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde ( one of my favourites) and finishing off Tasks for Dracula. ( refer to the Dracula's in Coffins, coded letters from Jonathon to Mina and Funny Tombstones perspective pictures) My grade 6 boy is reading Edgar and Ellen and the grade 3 children are starting a non-fiction history unit on bushrangers as a prelude to a visit to the Old Melbourne Gaol.
My grade 1 student has identified some more fables she wants to read and I'll start my prep ( Foundation) girl on Story Box big book studies. We had a lovely rainbow today.(refer photo) I had my grade 1 girl also take a photo of it as she is always writing about rainbows. ( and volcanoes..... Hope we don't have one of those pop up!)

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