Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Z is for zebra

My prep student is studying the letter 'z' this week ( She was very excited about it!) and we made the zebra pictured below.It is just a cardboard tube (No not a toilet roll tube, they are unhygienic - we can only use paper towel tubes) some white paper, black paint and some drawings of a head, legs and a little tail.We laminated the legs and head to make them stiffer and then cut slits in the tube and slid them in. We'll check tomorrow to see if it is still standing.
Today we also drew pictures of Dracula's castle. I found an easy step by step guide to drawing a castle on Google but we concentrated more on getting perspective right in our illustrations. Some wanted the castle to be perched on a peak while others saw it more on a vacant plain surrounded by mountains. We watched a bit of the original 1931 movie which shows the rugged countryside (Probably the Universal backlot) and the spooky castle in all its gothic glory.

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