Saturday, 31 August 2013

Haunted House

On Friday I read a book called ' Hide and Ghost Seek' by Rupert Matthews to my prep and grade one student. The book was cheap so I bought them each a copy of it. In the book you have to look for ghosts hidden on each page. After we'd had a good look a the book we made our own Haunted House picture. ( The outline was inspired by the photo I took the other morning of Craig's Hotel on Lydiard St. In Ballarat) I've added photos to show you how it was made. The kids loved it but for a big class you'd need some parent helpers to lend a hand with cutting out or have it prepared before hand. In a few weeks I'll post a 'Classic Horror Craft' unit on TPT which will include the outline ( But it is not really hard to draw) The girls drew ghost, bat and spider images and also found some images on their iPads which they printed off and cut out and added. ( They also added photos of themselves) While they were doing it I found some Caspar the Friendly Ghost cartoons for them to watch on their iPads.

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