Sunday, 18 August 2013

Wet Sunday

I popped up to work this afternoon to set up for our new themes. The grade 5-6 students will be starting a theme on classic horror stories this week and grade 3 will be starting a theme on The Wizard of Oz. ( Refer photos of the display tables) We have just finished reading Bedknob and Broomstick and just finished watching the 101 Dalmatians animated movie. We completed a Venn diagram comparing the 101 Dalmatian book and movie ( refer photo. Note the different approaches they took) My grade one student has been studying fables this year and we have just about run out of fables to read. We'll start on fairy tales next week ( Refer photo of our fables display and books, puppets)
It was wet and miserable at school today but the sun popped out for a minute or 2 just as I was leaving. ( kookaburras were very active looking for worms, I heard possums scampering about on the roof of the store shed as I was cleaning the toilets and that pesky hare jumped out off the bushes and sprinted across the oval towards the paddocks)

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