Friday, 24 October 2014

Book buying trip

Went to Daylesford today to visit some of their book shops for work. I was looking for an original if possible, copy of The 39 Steps and The Riddle in the Sands for a short origins of World War One unit for around Remembrance Day. Unfortunately and despite a long search I couldn't find any. I did buy a few other books though.

The Paradise Book Shop in Dayesford

I found some books for Dickens unit I have planned for this year, one to help with Stig of the Dump, another Margaret Clarke horror book ( We read the Curse of the Mummy earlier this year) and a copy of The Min Min which will be a great 'Australian children's literature' novel to read at the start of next year.

We went to The Grange in Hepburn for afternoon tea before we went home.

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