Friday, 31 October 2014

Mouse-Maker bottles

Very typical Ballarat spring day today. Bright sunshine one minute and pouring rain the next. You wouldn't think it was 30 degrees and humid yesterday for International Teachers Day....yeah that slipped by. No parades, TV specials, congratulatory emails from relevant Ministers. Oh well!
Today up at school I finished off my Danny the Champion of the World material and I've just started a unit on The 39 Steps.I still have to finish reading The Riddle of the Sands before I start on that. ( That can be an afternoon job)
The grade 4s are away on camp for the week ( I'll miss them) so our work on The Witches is on hold.   ( Below is an image of their Mouse-Maker bottles) 
Thank you to Emily for doing some weeding in our garden ( below)
I'll need to ring the Shire to come and replace our place name sign which the local hillbillies keep knocking over or shooting up.

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