Friday, 24 October 2014

New York pictures

The grade four kids made chalk silhouette pictures of New York.( Yes that is a Ginger Fudge bar in the picture)

The grade 1 and 2 kids finished work on The Six Swans or The Wild Swans and created these pictures this week.

The grade 4s also had these newsprint pictures of New York as well. We have finished James and the Giant Peach and we're starting work on The Witches. ( I love doing the Grand High Witches accent when I'm reading it allowed.) Next week I start reading Stig of the Dump as a serial.

Back flip of sorts from Pynne

This week, Education Minister Christopher Pyne announced he would drop his proposed interest rates hikes on student loans — but only if the Senate agrees to deregulate university fees. And he told the media he was "making great progress" in his negotiations with the Senate crossbench and "getting closer to an outcome".
With or without higher interest rates, deregulation will lead to doubling of degree costs, $100,000 degrees and a lifetime of debt. 
This is an embarrassing back flip which given the bizarre antics of the cross benches might just work for him.

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