Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Grass fire

We seemed to have a grass fire this afternoon ( or a burn off we weren't told about?) at the back of the school. Photos below.

The grade 6 kids finished their story maps and Y Charts for King Solomon's Mines and one of them has finished her rough draft for her journal. I'll proof-read that tomorrow so she can get started on her final draft tomorrow.
The grade 4 kids completed their paper mâché peaches and they look terrific. I'll give them a surprise treat of peaches and ice-cream for recess tomorrow.( After they cleanup their mess!)

We had our third gym session this afternoon.
Swinging around and some peer tutoring on the tramp.

Today Prime Minister Gough Whitlam died aged 98. Gough was a giant among puny men and a statesman of international standing. He transformed Australia from a backward looking vassal of old England into a modern forward thinking robust nation. Gough's reforms and initiatives changed Australia for the better. They impacted directly on my life and many of them ( universal health care and affordable higher education) are under attack  from reactionaries today. Gough is revered today and his stature will only grow.

Some of Gough's many achievements in his short 3 year tenure as Prime Minister include:
1. ending Conscription,
2. withdrew Australian troops from Vietnam,
3. implemented Equal Pay for Women,
4. launched an Inquiry into Education and the Funding of Government and Non-government Schools on a Needs Basis,
5. established a separate ministry responsible for Aboriginal Affairs,
6. established the single Department of Defence,
7. withdrew support for apartheid–South Africa,
8. granted independence to Papua New Guinea,
9. abolished Tertiary Education Fees,
10. established the Tertiary Education Assistance Scheme (TEAS),
11. increased pensions,
12. established Medibank,
13. established controls on Foreign Ownership of Australian resources,
14. passed the Family Law Act establishing No-Fault Divorce,
15. passed a series of laws banning Racial and Sexual Discrimination,
16. extended Maternity Leave and Benefits for Single Mothers,
17. introduced One-Vote-One-Value to democratize the electoral system,
18. implemented wide-ranging reforms of the ALP’s organization,
19. initiated Australia’s first Federal Legislation on Human Rights, the Environment and Heritage,
20. established the Legal Aid Office,
21. established the National Film and Television School,
22. launched construction of National Gallery of Australia,
23. established the Australian Development Assistance Agency,
24. reopened the Australian Embassy in Peking after 24 years,
25. established the Prices Justification Tribunal,
26. revalued the Australian Dollar,
27. cut tariffs across the board,
28. established the Trade Practices Commission,
29. established the Australian National Parks and Wildlife Service,
30. established the Law Reform Commission,
31. established the Australian Film Commission,
32. established the Australia Council,
33. established the Australian Heritage Commission,
34. established the Consumer Affairs Commission,
35. established the Technical and Further Education Commission,
36. implemented a national employment and training program,
37. created Telecom and Australia Post to replace the Postmaster-General’s Department,
38. devised the Order of Australia Honors System to replace the British Honors system,
39. abolished appeals to the Privy Council,
40. changed the National Anthem to ‘Advance Australia Fair’,
41. instituted Aboriginal Land Rights, and
42. sewered most of Sydney.
And more
List from- http://theaimn.com/a-giant-of-a-man-yes-he-was-indeed/

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