Friday, 17 July 2015

First week back

One of the grade 5s completed a pop up scene for Sergeant Cuff's investigations while the other typed up a missing diamond poster and then translated it into Hindi. the grade 1 kids are studying the Hare and the Tortoise with Jess. The grade 2-3 completed their last fairy tale literature task after finishing tasks for The Brave Little Tailor. they watched the Mickey Mouse movie on YouTube along with the 'Fractured Fairytale' cartoon.( I used to watch those as a kid) Tomorrow I'll pop up and clean the school and prepare some work for next week. It has been a busy first week back. It will be nice to have a rest on Sunday and maybe go to see the Ant-Man movie which has just opened.

All the Archibald Prize winners morphed together on the ABC News site

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