Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Good Gonski news

I have been a bit pessimistic about Gonski since the election of the Abbott government when they backed out of full Gonski funding and when Christopher Pyne shared his thoughts about public education funding.It wasn't improved when the Andrew's State Government guarrenteed private school funding but hasn't done the same for Gonski funding. however there is a bit of good news about Gonski. refer below.

Senate inquiry has been launched into the impact of under-resourcing on the education of children with disability. It also explores what needs to be done to improve the system.  

The AEU believes that it is essential that senators understand exactly how big this problem is, and why Gonski funding must be delivered in full to all schools. They have asked for personal stories to contribute to the inquiry: Refer to the link for more information.


On Sunday Labor finished their national conference where they set out their positive plans for the future, which included  Labor re-committing to the Gonski principles: to a sector-blind, needs-based school funding model. For better results, a fairer society and better jobs in the future.The conference has sent a very clear message: only Labor is committed to Gonski. Kate Ellis ( The Shadow Education spokesperson said 'The only way that Australia will see Gonski become a reality is under a Shorten Labor Government.' 

To see her speech to the conference below you can also share the speech to let everyone know the good news.

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