Wednesday, 1 July 2015

IBAC blow back

Letter sent out today from the Secretary of the Education Department.

Dear Colleagues

In light of the Operation Ord hearings and a recent departmental audit of program coordinator school (PCS) arrangements, the Department has now ceased centrally and regionally funded PCS arrangements.

The only exceptions to this will be the few PCS arrangements that involve existing binding contracts. The Department will continue to honour these contracts.

School funding for pooled resources through the Student Resource Package (SRP) and voluntary school-initiated pooling of resources for appropriate education purposes, such as school sports days, will not be affected by this decision.

The Department has commenced the process of recovering all uncommitted and unspent regional or central office funds currently residing in PCSs. 

In consultation with the Director, School Resource Allocation Branch (SRAB), regional offices will contact schools with central or regionally funded PCS funds to confirm action to be taken in each case. The return of funds will be completed by 31 July.

The continuation of any PCS arrangements that involve existing binding contracts, including employment contracts, will be subject to approval by the Secretary.

Regions and program managers will report any remaining central and regional PCS arrangements as at 1 August 2015 to the Department’s Chief Finance Officer. 

Any continuing PCS arrangements, including voluntary school-initiated arrangements, are to ensure compliance with the Program Coordinator Governance Framework which can be accessed via the following link: Department of Education and Training - Program Coordinator School Governance Framework

Deputy Secretaries will continue to authorise all grant monies paid to schools.

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