Friday, 31 July 2015

Nice gesture from Bri

From the Educator

Bri Dredge, a 32-year-old teacher at Yuille Park Community College in Ballarat, appeared on Millionaire Hot Seat on Thursday night, where she won a cool $20,000.

But rather than splashing out on a new car or going overseas on a much deserved holiday (teachers, we know how hard you work), Dredge decided on a much more selfless pursuit, buying every one of the school’s 200 students new shoes.

The big-hearted teacher said the sturdy leather shoes would get them through Ballarat's long, cold winter, which has been as low as 4.8 degrees (and that’s maximum temp).

Upon returning to her school, Dredge found the reaction of the students to be one of joy and appreciation.
"I walked into school and every student in the whole school has given me a hug and said thank you," Dredge told AAP on Friday.

"The look on their faces was worth all the money that I won."

Dredge said that while being on national television was a "scary" experience, she hoped it would encourage the students to challenge themselves.

(Bri is the daughter of ex-principal of Ballarat High School, Peter Dredge)

Meanwhile back at Glen Park. I went up this morning after giving blood at the Red Cross ( Wonderful staff and volunteers  at the Ballarat office of the Red Cross) and finished my Hobbit unit. After road testing it I'll put it on TPT. we also finished reading the Woman in White yesterday and I've finished that unit too. damn that Count Fosco!
Wet and cold again, but a magnificent 'Blue Moon' in the sky last night. Tomorrow we pick up an change teacher from Japan who is staying with us for a few weeks. She will be teaching Japanese and improving her English at Ballarat High for a few weeks ( My daughter is doing year 12 Japanese and volunteered to be a host) 

Who wrote these young adult books ( Mmmmm I've read Unfortunate Events to primary age kids and I'm thinking of reading Golden Compass or Northern Lights next year)


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