Saturday, 25 July 2015

ALP Conference

The Labor Party 'Advance Australia' National Conference 
Melbourne Convention Centre
July 25th 2015

Saturday morning Session 
A world-class education for all Australians Moved by Kim Carr (VIC)Seconded by Kate Ellis (SA)
( It began with Bill Shorten explaining his new policy on refugees) BIG NEWS!

The Labor Party ( ALP) 'Advance Australia' National Conference 
Melbourne Convention Centre
July 27th 2015

Saturday morning Session 
A world-class education for all Australians Moved by Kim Carr (VIC)Seconded by Kate Ellis (SA)
( It began with Bill Shorten explaining his new policy on refugees) BIG NEWS!

Kim Carr emphasised the transformational role of excellent public schools.
He criticised the current government for their approach to education which are a polar opposite to Labor values.He emphasised that Labor unlike Pyne doesn't support fee deregulation and a less equal Australia.
He promised to work with the states to ensure all children have access to quality education. He supports public TAFE and the VET sector.Labour will prepare for the future and the prosperity of the regions with its approach to education provision.
Carr emphasised the transformational role of excellent public schools.

Kate Ellis
Nothing more important to fairness for all  than quality accessible education.
Education - provides skills for global economy and is a fundamental right for ALL.
Parents need to be confident in local school and teachers need support
Kate emphasised Labor's long proud legacy in education dating back to Whitlam reforms.
Gonski outlined solutions to reforming state education and Labor won't give up on Gonski reforms ONLY Labor is committed to Gonski.
Speakers raised amendments which were successfully voted on

Moved by Sharon Bird
$2 billion has been cut from training
TAFE undermined and this must stop
TAFE is at the heart of the vocational and training sector
TAFE is a national asset.

'Free and secular education'
Labor will not support any  attempt to privatise any public education providers. ( This is a reference to the suggestion that parents should pay to send their children to public schools. Refer to a previous post)
the ALP will support the principles of providing quality education to public education using the Gonski template.

'Excellent education for every child in every school'
Moved by Kate Jones and Deb O'Neill
ALP policy to  confirm that all children get access to the best education based on needs
Abbott will cut 30 billion dollars from education!
Our students need to participate in the digital economy and future schools they need
Commitment to coding so they can become the architects of Australia's  digital economy
Speakers acknowledged the work of teachers and need to up skill them.
Coding is the global language of digital age and coding helps young people to engage with the world. ( Still not totally convinced by this push)
Teachers need support to get across this digital knowledge and they will support teachers to help develop pedagogy to teach coding. ( They will have too!)
Labor has a responsibility to implement Gonski ( it is about improving student learning which requires an equitable accessible quality education).

'Training for teachers and aides including koorie educators'
labor is committed to Lifting the standards of training for all educators
Our non-teacher educators especially in koorie communities need extra support 

'Recognising parents in education'
Provide community education programs to support parents 

'Higher education'
Labor supports our Universities but not deregulation of fees.
Student and staff should be represented on uni councils
Labor support student unionism

'Boosting apprenterships and training'
Supported amendments
'Excellent education for every student in every school'
supported amendments

'Universal access to early childhood learning 4 year olds'
Quality childcare learning between 0-5 is a Labor goal.
There are proven benefits
Support for 4 year old kinda is a great legacy for labor
Fund an increase to 30 hours of 4 year old and possibly 3 year old kinda is something to aim for.
Ambitious program with early childhood education and it should be seen as equal to primary secondary education.

'Inclusive programs for LGBTI students'
a Labor government will need to improve health curriculum and support teachers and involve parents.

'Non education amendments which impact on education'
Labor is also committed to ensure broadband is available to all Australians especially regional Australians. Poor broadband in rural areas does not provide a level playing field
A fast equitable and accessible broadband is essential regional Development.
Jaala Pulford spoke on the need to support regional communities through investment in rural Australia via infrastructure funding and empowering local communities 

I stayed for the afternoon session to hear the historic amendments passed on a 50% renewable energy target.

It was great to hear The ALP fully support the re-implementation to Gonski funding, (The all important last 2 years of funding. They will be held to account for this promise and will need to get moving on it straight away. I hope James Merlino was listening to it. Hopefully this time all the states will come on board.) a recommitment to TAFE and affordable university education. Now they need to formulate those into effective policies that can be taken to the next election so there is a clear distinction between them and the Abbott /Pyne governments. this is potentially a huge vote winner for them if they do it right.

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