Monday, 13 June 2016

Charcoal pictures

The cows seem to like it next to our fence in the morning sunshine. What other school would have that view outside their classroom window in the morning?

I drew a sample charcoal and white lead pencil picture of a sailing ship for our Moonfleet unit. We are at an interesting point in the story where Maskew is accidentally killed by the militia and John and Elzevir are on the run.We have work for Pride and Prejudice to start this week and we will probably have to wait until next term to start our work on Moonfleet. I will finish the novel by the end of term but may have to read an abridged version when we get back to remind them of events and characters. We will also start on Jane Eyre. I have finished reading The Jungle Book ( just book1) and should finish the unit on it on the weekend. My grade 6 girl finished her lighthouse picture. My grade 3 girl is currently working on a unit for the Little Polar Bear character.

Our first political sign up on a local fence in the 20 years I've been in these parts. Pity it is right on the corner blocking the view up Springs Road!
Old staff member, Glenda Fraser popped in at lunchtime. It was good to see her.

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