Thursday, 16 June 2016

Science show

Lovely sunrise this morning but a cold gloomy day.
We are starting work on Pride and Prejudice this week.
Today I made a sample Georgian Lady silhouette 
Using a cheap copy of Pride and Prejudice I drew a silhouette of a Georgian lady and cut her out. I used it as a stencil to also draw on a plain sheet of paper as a shadow.
I ruled up a frame on cardboard and painted it gold and cut out the centre.
I glued down the frame onto a piece of decorative paper and cut around it and glued down the shadow.
 I attached tabs to the back of the silhouette with a glue gun and attached that slightly to the side of the shadow.
I will include this in my Pride and Prejudice unit.
We went to Federation University today to the ANTSO Fact or Fiction 'web of intrigue' science show .
The aim of the show was to see if kids could separate fact from fiction on the Internet. They also used science to help explore how Google, Facebook, the Internet Etc work.


 We brought our mobile devices along to participate in their quizzes.

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