Thursday, 23 June 2016

Finishing off learning tasks for Pride and Prejudice today

Miserable, cold and wet day today. Second last day of term 2. 
Big day tomorrow.
Marriage certificate for Lydia and Wickham.
My grade 2 girl did a fantastic job of her ice-cave for the Little Polar Bear

Marriage terms for Lydia and Wickham.
Sea caves pictures for Moonfleet. We finish the book tomorrow. I've really enjoyed reading it and would recommend it as a great adventure tale. 
Lots of work to do over the holidays so I will be at work more than on holidays.
On the weekend I'll post some re-vamped older teaching units on TPT. ( All for free for the next month)
My grade 6 girl watched Persuasion today while she was working on her Pride and Prejudice tasks and she is taking home a book and DVD for Sense and Sensibilities over the holidays. It is great when they really get into quality literature like that!
It is very cold today and might snow tomorrow?
Must fix that down pipe!

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