Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Last day of ten-pin bowling today.

Bowling fun!

We went bowling again today and we all did very well. The kids have really improved. I only just beat my grade 6 girl. She was unlucky. 
BIg thanks to Shannon at Ballarat Ten Pin Bowling for looking after us.


I finished a sample of a cave picture for Moonfleet. I've finished the Moonfleet and the Jungle Book units so they are all ready to go first week back next term. 
I have a few chapters of Moonfleet to finish ( They've just located the diamond!) hopefully by Friday.
We worked on our Pride and Prejudice pen portraits.

We also started our silhouette pictures.

The shortest day of the year today. The moon was out this morning and the next door's soggy cows were giving me the 'evil eye' when I left tonight.

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