Monday, 6 June 2016

Strategic Plan professional development

The Peer Review Process for the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan
Ballarat Regional Soccer Facility 

Reviews have been changed this year with new requirements for reviewers
Self -evaluations to be complete in the first day.
The VRQA will need to site and accredit policies and procedures for registrations.
Policies are available through Region.
Expectations to come from the peer review at Glen Park include an acknowledgment of our best practice and the development of an updated assessment schedule and enrolment/ growth strategy.
Review of FISO  ( How will the new Strategic Plan support the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes FISO)
DET data ( Threshold data) monitors our school performance is compared against all schools in the state. ( 1 year and 4 year data) this data determines what type of review we have. This data will be provided to School Council
School self-evaluation will commence in the holiday break and VQRA policy requirements will also be reviewed during the holiday break.
Self evaluation will require AIP data and will reflect where we are according to FISO. The old plan doesn't match. Need to transition to the new format.AIP will be more important.Need to go through the continua for school improvement to determine where we are in our practice.
The Self evaluation report will need to be completed by the start of term 3.The peer review process will be shared with School Council. 
We will need to choose suitable 'challenge partner/s'
The reviewer will write a report following the panel day. We have a very compressed timeline which is very frustrating. Reviews will be crammed into 1 semester.
Go DET by August 1st to acknowledge that we are compliant with Child Safety Standards.
Need support from School Council in the process.( will discuss at next School Council meeting)
I will need to talk to my SEIL about the process which seems to be out of proportion to the size of our school.

Our new First year student Felicity joined us today. She fitted in really well. below she is playing Cluedo with the kids.
My grade 3 girl has finished Felix the cat with one last template picture and my grade 2 girl is working on her space story.

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