Monday, 27 June 2016

Not quite the start of the holidays....

Well....not the start for me. I have lots to do for the new Strategic Plan, some organising for camp later in the year and work to do on the new web site.
It was a very chilly day today. The cows and calves next door were feeding happily while I was inside helping Steve to replace our office server which was a big job in our tight office space, although Steve says its roomy compared to some schools. 
He has another 8 to do these holidays. He usually starts with Glen Park because we're the smallest and easiest.

While Steve was busy doing that I was updating our policies for our new Strategic Plan.
Don't let anybody tell you that schools don't have a lot of red tape because as you can see below there is plenty of it....and this doesn't include many policies that are not required for our review but which we have anyway or does it include curriculum policies.
Tomorrow I need to review the new website that Cherie is putting together for us and I also have lunch with my mates Peter and Karolina from Magpie and Little Bendigo. It will actually be a working lunch because we are thinking of undertaking our mid- year Principal Performance Plan together. 
On Wednesday I'll have a break and start reading a new book I got the other day called  'Dark Emu' and on Thursday I meet up with my SEIL to talk about the draft of my Self - Evaluation document and to check over my updated policies. 
On Friday I plan to drive to Warrnambool to check out camp.

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