Saturday, 19 November 2016


From ABC news online

A rare drawing from one of Tintin's most famous cartoon books, Explorers on the Moon, has been sold for a record 1.55 million euros (nearly $2.24 million).

The record sale for a single cartoon drawing was reached in a Paris auction on Saturday. 

The original drawing in Chinese ink from the Belgian cartoonist Herge shows the fearless reporter, his white dog Snowy and his friend Captain Haddock in spacesuits, walking on the moon for the first time and looking at the Earth.

They can be seen on page 26 of the book, running and making big jumps, to their surprise because of the lower gravity on the moon.

The drawing was initially estimated to fetch between 700,000 and 900,000 euros.

Explorers on the Moon, first published in 1954, is a favourite among comic strip lovers.

In a separate auction sale on Saturday by Christie's, another original drawing from the same book was sold for 600,000 euros ($866,000).

It was from page 59, which shows a rocket reaching Earth in dramatic circumstances. 

The Adventures of Tintin have been translated into more than 70 languages and sold tens of millions of copies.

They have been made into a movie in 2011 by Steven Spielberg.

Creator Herge — often referred to as the father of the European comic strip — is the subject of a major exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris, until mid-January.

I was never a Tintin fan as a kid growing up although I remember them being around. I preferred DC and Marvel comics. I also disliked the UK comics which were available at the time except for the small war ones ( I can't remember their titles) I do have a graphic novel theme which I have used recently. It's not on TPT because I use a lot of copyrighted material. I have put my Captain Congo unit on TPT which is written in the style of Tintin. I was surprised that it reached that sum in auction. It must have been a very keen collector ( Maybe Steven Spielberg?)

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