Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has joined a number of right wing Australian politicians who have congratulated Donald Trump.

Our current Prime Minister gave a deluded speech where he talked about Trump bringing America together.....obviously he has forgotten Trump's entire election campaign which was based on fear, hate and loathing!

Our ex, discredited Prime Minister also thinks Trump is great. Mr Abbott tweeted his congratulations shortly before Trump's victory speech.....showing that it's a good thing that he is an EX LEADER!

Pauline Hanson was one of the first to congratulate Trump, popping champagne in front of Parliament House.Our far-tight is so pathetic and our government is so weak. 

Thankfully Bill Shorten was there to give the speech Turnbull should have given and ex Prime Minister and our last true statesman put it all into perspective for us!

.....don't get me started on Julie Bishop!

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