Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Gonski 2.0 truths start to leak out!

Simon Birmingham not  admits in Senate Estimates that public schools in at least 5 states and territories will be underfunded after ten years! Gobsmacking! Will the Greens still vote for Gondki 2.0? The ALP was on the radio this morning saying they would negotiate on some matters but basically they will vote against what has been presented. As far as fees are concerned for uni students, today in question time we learnt that Under Malcolm Turnbull's plan, a graduate with a HECS debt will pay 4% at $42,000. Over the next dollar, that's a tax rate of 168,000%. !
And meanwhile: Massive public outrage has forced the government to quickly reinstate funding for Life Education and Healthy Harold! It only costs $500000.
Finishing Anubis tombs today. We also made jelly! 

Oh, and Birmingham's dodgy figures are being exposed today. Education Department officials confirmed at Senate estimates hearings on Thursday that the 2017 estimates on the website do not reflect what schools have actually been allocated by the federal government this year.

This year's estimates are instead calculated using the proposed new funding formula, which would not take effect until 2018.

Labor senator Jacinta Collins described the figures in the funding estimator as "completely illusory" and "inaccurate".

"These figures are based on a reality that will never exist," Senator Collins said.

"They are based on a fantasy."

For example, the funding estimator says St Dominic's School in Camberwell East received a federal government funding allocation of $756,600 this year, which would grow to $783,800 in 2018.

St Dominic's was actually allocated $1.92 million this year under the current formula, meaning its federal allocation would plummet by $1.14 million next year.

The funding estimator says Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School in Pymble received a federal funding allocation of $624,633 this year, which would rise to $648,550 in 2018.

Sacred Heart was actually allocated $1.76 million this year under the current funding formula, meaning its federal allocation would drop by $1.1 million.

National Catholic Education Commission acting executive director Danielle Cronin said the actual 2017 allocations and the figures published on the website "bear no resemblance to one another".

"For some reason, the minister [Simon Birmingham] has felt the need to recalculate the 2017 allocations to create the impression that all systemic Catholic schools will see their funding allocation grow in 2018," she said.

"We know that's not the case for 40 per cent of our schools.

"The minister is confusing and misleading parents and principals." 

From the SMH

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