Thursday, 11 May 2017

From Minister Merlino

Dear colleagues,

I am writing to you about the announcement of new funding arrangements contained in the latest Commonwealth budget.

Although the Commonwealth budget does contain an increase of $193 million to Victorian government schools over the next three financial years, it is extremely disappointing that the proposed new funding arrangements will leave Victorian Government schools with a funding shortfall of $630 million compared the original Gonski Agreement.

For some schools, this shortfall could equate to $1 million next year alone.

In the 2017-18 Victorian Budget, we fully funded our Gonski school funding commitments for 2018. I am continuing to call on the Commonwealth Government to do the same.

The Commonwealth’s funding changes will be discussed at a meeting of the Council of Australian Government’s Education Council on 18 May and I will keep fighting for the best deal for all Victorian schools, students and families.

The Victorian Government wants every child to have access to a first-rate education, no matter where they live.

Through the $566 million boost in needs-based funding from the Victorian Government, we are delivering extra support to help every Victorian school provide a school environment that promotes excellence for their students. 

This State Government funding is here to stay, because we know that when invested wisely, needs-based funding makes a huge difference to student outcomes.

Thanks for your support in this mission.


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