Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Coding PD



May 16th 

CRC North Keillor

Presenter: Megan Blanch

Mathspace was founded 10 years ago. It started  as a tool to support one on one maths tutoring at a secondary level. The emphasis was on developing an online program that shows student 'working out' as well as single solution problems. Mathspace is integrated with Pearson and has a contract with the Hong Kong education system. ( Also supported by Westpac)


Algorithms and coding is part of our Victorian curriculum. ( already introduced in U.K. And US ) algorithms are a natural part of the maths curriculum.  It is a critical STEM skill.

Concepts. Also part of the technologies curriculum and aligns with maths.

Algorithm- set of instructions designed to complete a task or solve a problems. Accuracy important. Step by step process is essential.

Coding- worded instructed to implement and represent algorithms. 

Sequence- set of ordered instructions

Decision- choosing alternatives in an algorithm.

Iteration- repetition of a process until a condition is satisfied ( loops)

Curriculum  3-10

Year 3 - following rules and patterns

Year 4-following step by step procedures

Year 5- explore concepts like branching and iteration

Year 6- flow charts

Year 7- formulas, spread sheets.( programming language)

Year 8-9 - complex algorithms

Year 10- using algorithms and codes to solve complex problems.


Using Mathspace to try out questions.

Introduced to flow charts and loops for coding.


Resources page provided.


This was an interesting session and I will start coding but not use Mathspace. It has a few too many glitches, although I like the writing response option on iPads and I don't believe is user friendly for primary students. 


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