Friday, 5 May 2017

From the Gonski people today!

There’s been a lot of debate around schools funding this week, and you may have heard Malcolm Turnbull is proposing a new schools funding model.

Don’t be fooled. His plan is not needs-based funding and will still see him tear up the six-year Gonski agreements signed with the states.

It will mean many schools will never reach the minimum Schooling Resource Standard that the Gonski Review recommended.

Analysis by state governments shows schools will still miss out on billions of dollars of resources they need for their students.

To find out more about why Turnbull’s plan is a con, and what will happen to schools in your state click here

Malcolm Turnbull’s refusal to fund the Gonski agreements in full will have the biggest impact on students who need help the most.

They will miss out on the benefits – smaller classes, extra literacy and numeracy programs, and more one-to-one support – that Gonski is already beginning to deliver.

Our campaign for full Gonski funding will continue, and we will keep putting pressure on state governments and the Senate to stand up for the real Gonski.

I Give a Gonski

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