Saturday, 6 May 2017

Clunes Book Fair today.

I don't think the book fair is as good as it was when it started. I think it is only two thirds , maybe less, the size it was. The food choice is better but fewer book sellers and the books are in such a muddle it's hard to find what you want. Book sellers were moaning lots. about the crowd size, weather and having to pack up everything at the end of the day! ( Maybe if some of their prices were more reasonable they wouldn't have to pack up so much.)  It's also $10 now just to get in and you get serenaded whether you want to or not by annoying Wesley students in their garish school uniforms. I picked up a few titles I can use at work but not many and I got most of them from one seller.  I'll go next year but that will decide whether I bother going again.
Artist Ann James




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