Wednesday, 17 May 2017

I hope Merlino goes in hard at this meeting today!

From the Guardian

States will have to wait until 2018 to discover the full conditions that will be attached to new Gonski 2.0 funding, the federal government has confirmed before Thursday’s education council meeting.

The revised timeline, to accommodate a second review by David Gonski on improving school performance, means that the first phase of extra funding will flow to schools before states have agreed to reforms that will be tied to the money.

Before Thursday’s meeting of education ministers in Adelaide, the South Australian branch of the Australian Education Union has launched its list of schools due to get cutscompared with years five and six of the needs-based funding agreements, following similar moves in New South Wale and Victoria last week.

The SA education minister, Susan Close, told a press conference on Wednesday the Gonski 2.0 plan reneged on the past two years of the funding agreements, meaning her state would receive $70m instead of $335m promised.

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