Monday, 22 May 2017

Labor rejects morally bankrupt Gonski 2.0

Today in Parliament:

Labor has resolved to vote against both the government's education measures - school funding and university funding. The opposition's education spokeswoman, Tanya Plibersek, told her caucus colleagues that the school plan was an attack on public schools. Ms Plibersek told MPs the Greens support for the changes "shows how moronic they are".

The ALP has denounced and will push back against these deceitful policies. I got a letter from the Education Minister saying Glen Park would get an increase in funding of...........wait for it ......$800 (No not $8000) from the Commonwealth from 2017-18! WOW!! as the letter says our school may never actually see the money. As with the catholic system the money for us might be reallocated to a.....wealthier school! (actually I don’t think our current state government would do that!)

Their generosity astounds me! The duplicitous actions of the Greens doesn't surprise me at all.

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