Thursday, 30 May 2013

Principal Performance Review

Yes it's the end of May so it's review time again. The 2012 review was signed off and completed and in keeping with our policy here at Glen Park of openness and transparency my review has been tabled for the school community to read if they wish.
This year we are not being reviewed by our RNL (Regional Network Leaders) chiefly because their role has been 'phased out'. We are now responsible for our own reviews and are supposed to organise them with a peer. Myself and the principal of Pentland PS, Andrew Harrison got together tonight to develop our new reviews for 2013-14. We had a productive discussion about our plans and priorities for our schools and will complete our reviews and email them off tomorrow. It remains to be seen whether this approach is more effective than the 'big brother' approach to accountability.


  1. Not my school Brandee. Mine is far more modest. That is Pentland, where I visited on Thursday. I'll take a photo of mine and add it tonight. Are you on holidays yest?