Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Art and science.

My student teachers made lava lamps today which seemed to work well. (Check Pinterest for how to make them) They were impressive young women who set a great example for my students ( confident, articulate and well-organised)especially with the girls. Today was their last day so I wish them well.
Also check out a photo of spiders( black cardboard, white paper strips, cotton buds and cotton make-up removal discs) and porthole pictures( Inspired by 'Jack Black and the Ship of Thieves')
I've also added a photo of some of our neighbours.
It was a nice sunny day today but only a few more days until winter starts.Brrrrrrrrr.
Nice to have notched up over 2500 views and a new member.
I'm currently finishing off a King Kong English unit which I should put up this weekend.

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