Thursday, 16 May 2013

Western drawings

We attempted to draw a western scene with a cowboy, horse and cactus in different positions in a rugged western landscape.The idea was that we would give the impression of depth in our picture by having the 3 objects in different positions and at different sizes depending on whether they are close to the viewer or in the distance)
For some it worked better than others. (Some horses look very small compared to the cowboy next to them- maybe they're Shetland ponies)
I hope people like the new look. I was told the old look was too hard to read. Thanks to my daughter for setting it up for me.
Next week we start our unit on 'Jack Black and the Ship of Thieves' by Carol Hughes. ( Refer to the photo of the book display below) I also have a new grade 6 student starting on Monday, as we are already half way through Jack Black I'll have him start on a short unit of adventure stories (Kidnapped and Treasure Island) which fit in well with Jack Black. He can read the graphic novel versions of the stories and watch the DVDs when he has finished those.

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