Friday, 3 May 2013

Museum of Australian Democracy

This afternoon I attended a discussion given by Steve Bracks ( ex Premier of Ballarat) who talked about the legacy of the fight for democracy at Eureka and it's influence on Ballarat.
Following that I attended some of the opening celebrations for the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka.
The museum features the Eureka story and how it influenced our unique democracy. It features a birds eye view of Eureka at the time of the stockade, archaeological finds from the Eureka site, animations, historic documents, historical images and the original Eureka flag.
(159 years ago gold miners at Ballarat rebelled against corrupt colonial authorities and were brutally suppressed. it was the beginning of Australia's fight for democracy.
The images below are from the opening of the museum, which I'll be sure to take my students too, and include photos of the plaque listing those diggers from all over the world who lost their lives when the Eureka Stockade was attacked.

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