Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Perspective drawing

We're going to keep doing perspective drawing until they get it right!
Just joking. I'm trying to help them with their drawing (like all children they moan that they're " no good at drawing"! )Hopefully by the time we're finished they'll realise it is not too hard and that they can just 'give it a go' with confidence. This is a scene from Call of the Wild which we've had a go at representing. (The scene where Buck pulls 1000 pounds packed onto John Thornton's sled.)
A friend says my blog is more about the weather and wildlife than literature. He might have a point. To add to that belief I've also added a photo tonight of storm clouds over Ballarat this afternoon.
PS I've reached over 2000 views. Thanks viewers. Nice to see continued interest from the US even when many of you are off on holidays ( I mean vacation) and from New Zealand. ( I'll put something up for you guys tomorrow) Feel free to become a 'follower' and leave comments.

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